Silver Indian Jewelry

About Silver Indian Jewelry

Few things say Native American or Southwest better than Silver Indian Jewelry. All across the west, in small roadside sales huts and large cities, silver Indian jewelry can be seen and purchased. This is a craft that has been passed on from one generation to the next. It is all hand crafted. The silver is smelted from local mines and formed for the express purpose of making silver jewelry. Designs are carved in the silver to enhance the design of the piece.

Making Silver Indian Jewelry

Several kinds of stone are used to enhance the silver settings of silver Indian jewelry. Most common are, turquoise, red or black coral, amber, tiger’s eye, black onyx and mother of pearl, to name a few. Silver Indian jewelry has always been unique to each tribe or region. Each is as unique as individual artists.

Silver Indian jewelry is made into earrings that can hug your ear or dangle in long intricate designs. It is also common to make silver Indian jewelry into Bolo ties, these are ties made of braided leather cord that have a large stone or silver dollar sized piece of silver Indian jewelry. Rings of silver Indian jewelry design are beautiful fancy twists of silver wire with stones resting in the center. Silver Indian jewelry designs make fabulous necklaces, bracelets and belts made of many stones inset into silver.

Silver Indian jewelry is an art form that has evolved through time, and has yet maintained its unique quality and beauty. This is probably due to the fact that the art of silver Indian jewelry is passed on from the father or mother, to their children. Families often have designs that are particular to them alone. For this, many are sought out specifically for their distinct pieces.

The fact that the art form of silver Indian jewelry is passed on through families insures that it will help propel the Native American Nations into the next century, and beyond. No two pieces of silver Indian jewelry can ever be the same. Each stone that is used in this jewelry is different than the last. Each piece of silver that is used to create it is hand formed and hand tooled by an artist, with his or her own personal talent in play.

Silver Indian jewelry is more than just some pretty stone set into silver. Silver Indian jewelry is a birthright, a responsibility and a privilege.

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